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Digital Rainforest | What you can do

What you can do

The Amazonian Rainforest may be thousands of miles away but many of the choices you make in your daily life have a direct impact. By making small changes to the way you live, you can also help save the rainforest.

Support the crees foundation

If you want to support the organisation that helped Elias get involved in reforestation and in agro-forestry, visit the crees website.

When you’re buying furniture, paper and other wood products 

fsc-logoThe FSC logo is easily recognisable and makes it really easy for you to know whether the products you’re buying are from sustainably managed forests. Many products in the UK today are FSC-certified so look out for the tick tree logo when you’re buying wood or paper products.

When you’re buying jewelry and electronics

Tracing the origins of gold is difficult but there are organisations that provide certifications so you can be sure the gold you buy has met environmental and human rights standards.

fairtrade_goldFairtrade Gold is the world’s first independent ethical certification for gold and enables you to support small-scale and artisan miners. The Faitrade Gold stamp, which can be found on every piece of certified gold, provides assurance of that the gold meets standards on worker rights, the environment and safety. The website provides a where to buy section.

fairminedFAIRMINED is another certification scheme, developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining. Buying FAIRMINED ensures that you’re supporting responsible certified miners and their families.

nodirtygoldThe No Dirty Gold campaign seeks to enlist the support of consumers, retailers and manufacturers to persuade the mining industry to clean up its act. Jewelry and electronics retailers can get involved by singing the Golden Rules for more responsible sourcing. Have a look at the list of retailers to know which of the ones you visit have signed up.

When you’re buying food

Many of the things you eat have a link to the rainforest. Little changes you make to the food you buy can be part of the solution.

soil_associationBy limiting your consumption of meat and making sure that it comes from sustainably managed sources, you can contribute to reducing the impact of livestock on the rainforest. Look  out for responsibly sourced meats like grass-fed British beef, or the Soil Association label.

But it’s not just meat products that are linked to the Amazon – look out for coffees, teas, chocolate and fruit, just to name a few. The Rainforest Alliance provides a range of certification and verifications to certify these products. Search for them and other products on Shop the Frog or look out for the green Rainforest Alliance frog symbol when buying.